Company History and Experience


NRS has nearly 50 years of continuous experience in ship-operation and in conversion of existing vessels and new buildings of various types, ranging from pipe/cable layers, diverse types of Survey vessels, Polar research vessels, Diving vessels expedition passenger vessel as well as more conventional RORO and cargo vessels. Other projects include livestock carriers and fishing vessels.
The main objective of the company is to source affordable, yet high quality vessels, suitable for recycling and conversion for a new life in a different mode as envisaged in the original design concept.

Some of these projects have been carried out for clients, but the majority of ship conversions, mainly research and passenger/expedition vessels have been performed for NRS account and subsequent commercial operation/resale. 

The small, but effective company is located in Grimstad/Norway and has a solid base of local and international specialists which are mobilised depending on the project nature and geographical conversion area. 

The location for conversion is normally selected in order to optimize conversion and transit costs, balanced against quality. 
The overall objective is to deliver to the end user the most cost efficient vessel.

NRS engages only in “Out of the box" projects, ideally high tech combined with recycling/affordable costs of the basic ship, thus contributing in a small way to make better use of the resources and preservation of the environment.

NRS has a major share in an equally spirited Subsea technological company in Brazil, The Underwater group